HANY AG HCM High Shear CementMixers For Sale

PJM Industrial have recently become distributors of the HANY AG Grouting Systems products including the ZMP 700 Double Plunger Grout Pumps as below.

HANY AG HCM High Shear Cement Mixers

Haeny HCM High Shear industrial mixers (colloidal mixers) for Cement, ultra-fine Cement, Bentonite and other admixtures.

  • Excellent mixing quality
  • High capacity
  • Low wear
  • Manual operation or with automated weigh-batching system

Mixing tank

The eccentrically shaped bottom cone of the tank breaks the vortex created by the intensive circulation of the cement or grout mix. This eliminates any difficult-to-clean baffles.

A grease lubricated 3-way valve, specially designed for cement applications, allows either mixing (circulation) or transfer of the mix to a holding tank (agitator). The smaller units (up to HCM 600) can be equipped either with manual operation or automatic water meters for exact dosing.

The tank covers of larger mixers are equipped for connection to screw conveyors and replacement of the manual 3-way valve with pneumatic pinch valves.

Automatic batching

For automated operation, the grout & cement mixers can be equipped with loadcells that will weigh all components directly in the mixer.

The distinct advantages of this system are the space saving and easy transportation of the unit without having to detach the weighing scale.

Haeny / Hany Grout Pump Industrial Mixer For Sale. HCM High Shear Cement & Grout Pump Mixers

Haeny / Hany HCM Cement / Grout Pump Mixers

HCM 1003006008002500
Mixing PumpTypeTMP 9TMP 22TMP 22TMP 40TMP 60
Production approx.

(W/C Ratio = 1)
m3 / h

l / min





Circulation Capacityl / min5401400140024004800
Usable Contentl1002605508002500
Particle size max.mm5883-
Electric Motor 50HzkW39.29.22245

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You can also download the complete Hany Catalogue PDF: HANY AG Grouting Systems Colloidal Grout Pumps, Mixers & Agitators HANY AG Grouting Systems Colloidal Grout Pumps, Mixers & Agitators (5125 KB)

You can also view an online presentation showcasing the full range of Hany Mixing & Injection Technology by clicking on the image below.