Workshop Hydraulic Presses - Australian Made!

PJM Industrial manufacture a range of workshop hydraulic presses for sale in Australia & overseas. There are various models in the PJM Industrial workshop press range that have capacitites fom 15 to 200 tons. These workshop presses are made right here in Australia.

PJM Industrial Workshop Press Features

  • Capacity 15 – 200 Ton
  • Max. Working Pressure 700 bar.


  • For removal and fitment of bearings, sprockets, gears and straightening of shafts.

Workshop Hydraulic Press Accessories

  • Two stage hand pump/motorised power pack (optional) with pressure guage. 
  • Pair of “v” blocks and one pushing adaptors.
  • Mechanical winch for models 50 ton capacity and above. Optional accessory for presses with capacity below 50 tonnes.
PJM Industrial Workshop Presses. Hydraulic Workshop Press for Sale Australia

PWP Series Workshop Hydraulic Presses Specifications

P = PJM Industrial, W = Workshop, P = Press

Capacity (ton)Stroke (mm)ModelDay Light Min. H1(mm)Day Light Max. H2(mm)Total Height H3 (mm)Hole Gap H4 (mm)Table Width W1 (mm)Total Width W2 (mm)Depth D1 (mm)Depth D2 (mm)Power Source
Winch MechanismApprox. Weight (Kg)
15150PWP-151506001155150500740200500PHP 2P4-2-5X170
30150PWP-301507501445150600900220600PHP 2P4-2-5Y280
50150PWP-5015090017701507501130250750PHP 2P4-2-5Y425
75200PWP-75200100019052009001310280900PHP 2P4-2-5Y580

Please note that the above specifications for PJM Industrial workshop press models are subject to change without notice due to continual improvement.

For more information download the following Product PDF: PJM Industrial Workshop Presses PJM Industrial Workshop Press (1966 KB)

More Information? Prices? Quotes?

If you require a quote, prices, more information or have any questions regarding PJM Industrial Workshop Hydraulic Presses, please feel free to call us on (+61 3) 9553 4882 or 0412 720 638, send us an email at or use our Contact Form to submit an inquiry.