Double Acting Spring Return Hydraulic Cylinder Jacks: Werner Weitner

Werner Weitner 700 Bar-Double Acting Spring Return Cylinder Hydraulic Jack

These double acting spring return hydraulic jacks come with collar threads. High quality steel body. Hard-chrome plated piston with end stop. The wiper seal prevents pollution and corrosion.

Double acting spring return steel hydraulic cylinders have been produced for applications in all mounting positions and are highly recommended in frequent use and for fast working. Hard­ chromium plated piston prevents gouge formation and corrosion. Scraper rings remove contamination on the piston, therefore extending the service life of the hydraulic cylinders.

Werner Weitner 700 Bar Double Acting Spring Return Hydraulic Cylinder Jack

WW-DWZ Series Double Acting Spring Return Jacks Data

TYPECAPACITY (ton)CAPACITY (kN) (Push/Pull)STROKE (mm)AREA (cm2)Oil Cap. (cm2)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
DWZ-010-16010109 / 20160162553106.4
DWZ-010-25010109 / 20250313984008
DWZ-025-05025227 /405033.21661809
DVVZ-025-10025227 /4010033.233223212
DVVZ-025-15025227 /4015033.249828015
DVVZ-040-10040436 / 20910063.663630518
DVVZ-040-15040436 / 20915063.695435523
DWZ-040-30040436 / 20930063.61,90850535
DVVZ-075-16075712 / 1401601041,66133842
DVVZ-075-32075712 / 1403201043,32251260.6
DVVZ-100-100100911 / 189100132.71,32827034
DVVZ-100-150100911 / 189150132.71,99232050
DVVZ-100-320100911 / 189320132.74,24849075
DVVZ-150-0501501,380 / 370502011,00625866
DVVZ-150-1501501,380 / 3701502013,01537890
DVVZ-150-3001501,380 / 3703002016,029528119
DVVZ-200-0502002,156 / 560503141,570274105
DVVZ-200-1502002,156 / 5601503144,710394151
DVVZ-200-3002002,156 / 5603003149,420544191

For more information, select the following product pdf: Werner Weitner Double Acting Spring Return Cylinder Jack PDF Werner Weitner Double Acting Spring Return Cylinder Jack PDF (477 KB)

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