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Jacks & Hydraulic Jacking Equipment

We have been manufacturing & designing high pressure Hydraulic JacksHydraulic Jacking equipment systems for many companies over the past years covering a broad spectrum of lifting capacities and designs.

Our range of jacks available for sale starts at 10 Tonne up to 2000 Tonne capacity in Load Return, Double Acting and Safe Rams (threaded rod that comes with a locking collar) with a wide range of various stroke lengths.

To complement our range of Hydrailic Jacks we also manufacture a wide range of hydraulic Power Packs & Hydraulic Pumps to operate the hydaulic jacks. These power packs & pumps support hydraulic jacks with single lift operation to multiple lifting points (manual control to complexed solenoid electrical controls).

Pump configuration can be Single Speed, Dual Speed or Split Flow with up to 56 individual outlets (High or Low Pressure).

PJM Industrial supplies hydraulic jacks for industrial applications (see our Projects & Customer References pages for more infomation).

Hydraulic Jack Suppliers & Manufacturers

PJM Industrial Hydraulic Jacks

PJM Industrial distribute a range of Hydraulic Jacks, Railway Jacks and
Hydraulic Hand Pumps.

The PJM Industrial Hydraulic Jacks range include:-

  • Pancake Jacks
  • Flat and Low Height Jacks
  • General Purpose Hydraulic Jacks
  • Hollow Ram Jack and
  • Stage Lift Jacks
These products have been proven, accepted and widely used in Process Plants – Steel, Cement, Power and Petrochemical, Mining, Shipyards and Port Trust, Railways, Infrastructure Companies, Heavy Engineering units, Research and Development. For more information regarding a specific range of PJM Industrial Hydraulic Jacks, go to the PJM Industrial Hydraulic Jacks page. You can also download the full PJM Industrial Hydraulic Jacks Product catalogue: PJM Industrial Hydraulic Jacking Equipment Brochure PJM Industrial Hydraulic Jacking Equipment Brochure (3818 KB)

Werner Weitner Hydraulic Jacks

PJM Industrial are the the Australian / New Zealand and South Pacific Agent for the WERNER WEITNER range of Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Hydraulic Workshop Presses and associated equipment.

Werner Weitner has supplied high quality products in the German Engineering tradition since 1968. The Werner Weitner company headquarters are located in Eichstatt Germany.

Werner Weitner is a premium partner for many very large corporations & companies operating in the Contruction, Maintenance, Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace and Petro-chemical Industries. For many years, Werner Weitner has been appriciated and recieved many awards for excellent quality and reliability. (ISO9001:2008)

For more information go to the following page: Werner Weitner Hydraulic Jacking Equipment

Orbit Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks

Orbit Manufacturing has had 30 successful years of hydraulic industry experience in North America. In 1990 they began manufacturing Aluminium Jacks with a hard anodized coating. In doing so they have virtually eliminated the problems of corrosion with a further benefit being the reduced weight. Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks are up to 60% lighter than a comparative tonnage steel jack without compromising the jacks structural integrity.

Their range is extensive: Single Acting Solid Jacks, Double Acting Solid Jacks, Double Acting Center Hole Jacks, Single Acting Center Hole Jacks and Lock Nut Cylinders ranging from 30 -150 ton capacities and 2”– 13” strokes.

For more information go to the following page: Orbit Aluminium Jacks Range.

Prestressing Equipment Jacks

PJM Industrial Prestressing Equipment Jacks include 10T, 25T & 30T Mono Strand Jacks and Multi Strand Jacks.

The 10 Tonne Mono Jack is ideal for Initialing in the pre-stressing industry and Roof Bolting in the Mining Industry.

The 10 Ton Jacks will accept both 12.7 and 15.2mm strand by a simple Jack Jaw change. There are 2 x 10T Models to choose from with either 150 mm & 200 mm stroke.

Both 25 Ton & 30 Ton Jacks have the ability to accept 0.5 (1/2”) & 0.6 (5/8”) Strand. They come with carry handle, Spring Loaded Nose or Solid Nose. They are fitted with a Safety Relief Valve & your choice of Horizontal or Vertical coupler set up – 2 x Male or 2 x Female or Male & Female.

For more information go to the following page: Prestressing Jacks Range

Onioning Jacks

PJM Industrial 10 Ton Onioning Jacks will form an Onion anchor on 0.5 or 0.6 Strand simply by changing the Jaws to accommodate whichever strand is being used. They can be powered by Hand, Air, Electric Power Packs or Electric Double Acting-Power Packs.

For more information select the following Product PDF: Onion Jack Onion Jack (417 KB)

Hydraulic Swaging Jacks

PJM Industrial 35 Ton & 40 Ton Hydraulic Swaging Jacks are made from highly polished alloy steel with aluminum bronze piston & gland. They withstand full pressure of 700 Bar and have tool steel die with exclusive taper to reduce overall operating pressure. To operate, simply load swage into opening, insert strand and start the pump.

For more information select the following Product PDF: Swaging Jacks Swaging Jacks (209 KB)

Barrel & Wedge Swaging Jacks

PJM Industrial Barrel & Wedge Swaging Jacks come in 10 Ton & 25 Ton models.

For more information select the following Product PDF: Barrel and Wedge Swaging Jacks Barrel and Wedge Swaging Jacks (159 KB)

More Information?

If you require more information or have any questions regarding the PJM Industrial Hydraulic Jacking Equipment, please feel free to  call us on (+61 3) 9553 4882 or 0412 720 638, send us an email at peter@pjmindustrial.com.au or use our Contact Form to submit an enquiry.