Aerofilm STARTERSET Air Skates | Air Cushion Transport System For Sale

Aerofilm STARTERSET Air Skates

Air skates, air cushions or load modules are pneumatic elements that can be placed under objects, which enable the object to be moved and positioned in any horizontal direction with almost no friction.

Air skates use compressed air to operate. A thin film of air is created between the floor surface and the air bearing, resulting in a virtual friction-free transport method and making it possible to move heavy loads and objects with very little effort.

Aerofilm Starterset Aircushions For Sale

A STARTERSET is an air cushion transport system that consists of the following parts:

  • Air Cushions or Air Skates
    • 4 Air cushions with a mounting hole in the middle for a M10 bolt connection and a threaded hole to mount air supply guage nipples. The maximum capacity of each cushion is: Surface x Pressure. The air consumption depends on the adjustment, the load and the floor quality.
    • 4 round mounting and supporting plates
    • 4 galvanised M10 x 35 bolts, hexagon socket countersunk head screws (Other lengths are available)
  • Air Regulation. A composition of:
    • 1 supply hose connection
    • 1 ball valve
    • 1 air suppy pressure manometer
    • 1 pressure reducer
    • 1 manometer for the air pressure oin the aircushions
    • 1 air distributor with 4 outputs for the air connections on the aircushions
    • 4 air supply guage nipples to be mounted on the aircushions
  • To Be Supplied By The Customer
    • Each air cushion element requires a round or square (steel, aluminium or plastic) support, at least 5mm thick, and at minimum the size of the aircushion.
    • 1 supply hose with hose clamps
    • 4 divide hoses with hose clamps
    • Teflon tape or sealer to mount the air supply hose nipples to the aircushions

More information including installation and troubleshooting details is available in the following PDF: Aerofilm Systems Air Caster Transportation Systems Catalogue Aerofilm Systems Air Caster Transportation Systems Catalogue (2600 KB)

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