Aerofilm Systems Air Skates. Air Cushion Transport Systems for Sale

Aerofilm Air Skates

Established in 1984, Aerofilm Systems B.V. has since become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air-film technology equipment. Aerofilm Systems offers an enormously wide range of air cushion transport solutions for the transport of objects weighing up to well over 500,000 kilograms by means of air cushion or air film transportation systems.

Aerofilm Systems Air Skates

The Aerofilm Air Skate system consists of 4 wear-resistant air cushion air bearing elements with a regulation unit. The air bearings need to be mounted under a support plate or a frame. The user is responsible for supplying the necessary air lines.

What is an air skate?

Air skates or load modules are pneumatic elements that can be placed under objects to enable the object to be moved and positioned in any horizontal direction with almost no friction. Air skates use compressed air to operate. A thin film or cushion of air is created between the floor surface and the air bearing, resulting in virtually friction-free transport and making it possible to move heavy loads and objects with very little effort.

Air Skates Advantages

  • Heavy loads can be moved in any horizontal direction, safely and accurately
  • Ability to transfer heavy objects between halls where cranes cannot gain access
  • No permanent installation needed in the building
  • No unnecessary wear to the floor due to the low friction
  • No point loading on the floor
PJM Industrial can provide the following:-

More Information re Aerofilm Systems products?

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Australian Agent for Aerofilm Systems

PJM Industrial have been appointed the Australian Agent for Aerofilm Systems as of 2017.

PJM Industrial can offer two types of Aerofilm Systems air cushion transportation systems being air casters and air skates systems.