PJM Industrial Hollow Ram Plain Ram Single Acting Hydraulic Jacks For Sale

PJM Hollow Ram Plain Ram Single Acting Jacks

Single Acting Hydraulic Jacks Features

  • Capacity 10 – 100 ton
  • Stroke 50 – 150 mm
  • Max. Working Pressure 700 bar.

Hollow Ram Jacks Applications

  • Sustained load holding with lock nut.
  • Fast and complete ram retraction.
  • Jack can be pulled back with ram fixed, in horizontal sequential pushing.

PSH Series Hollow Ram Plain Ram Single Acting Hydraulic Jack Specifications

P = PJM Industrial, S = Single Acting Spring Return, H = Hollow Ram Hydraulics Jack

Cylinder Capacity (ton)Stroke (mm)ModelEffecive Area (cm2)Oil Cap. (ton)Closed Height (mm)Cylinder OD (mm)Bore Dia. (mm)C'Hole Dia. (mm)Ram Dia. (mm)A/F (mm)Wt. Approx. (kg)Suitable Pumps
1050PSH 10-5015.77916075602050503.9PHP-1P4-2-1.8
1075PSH 10-7515.711818575602050504.4PHP-1P4-2-1.8
10100PSH 10-10015.715721075602050505.1PHP-1P4-2-1.8
2050PSH 20-5033165165105852775738.2PHP-1P4-2-1.8
20100PSH 20-100333302151058527757310.8PHP-1P4-2-1.8
20150PSH 20-150334952651058527757313PHP-1P4-2-1.8
3050PSH 30-5042.62131851159533807810.5PHP-1P4-2-1.8
3075PSH 30-7542.63202101159533807811.7PHP-1P4-2-1.8
30100PSH 30-10042.64262351159533807812.9PHP-1P4-2-1.8
30150PSH 30-15042.66392851159533807815.3PHP-1P4-2-1.8
5075PSH 50-7578.5589220150125421009721.9PHP-2P4-2-5
50100PSH 50-10078.5785245150125421009723.8PHP-2P4-2-5
6075PSH 60-7586.46482351651355411010728.8PHP-2P4-2-5
60100PSH 60-10086.48642601651355411010731.2PHP-2P4-2-5
60150PSH 60-15086.412963101651355411010736PHP-2P4-2-5
10075PSH 100-75141.410602652151807715014651PHP-2P4-2-5
100100PSH 100-100141.414132902151807715014656.1PHP-2P4-2-5

Higher capacity and customized solutions on request. Specifications are subject to change due to continual improvement.

For more information please select the following Product PDF: PJM industrial Hollow Ram Jacks Plain Ram, Single Acting PJM industrial Hollow Ram Jacks Plain Ram, Single Acting (1940 KB)

More Information?

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