Boerkey GmbH Steel Heavy Duty Roller Wheels, Load Roller Skates or Transport Rollers For Sale

Boerkey GmbH, D-58089 Hagen, has been a producer of the Roller Skates Express, heavy duty roller skates, transport rollers and heavy duty roller wheels since 1951. There are 37 different Models of Boerkey Steel Roller Wheels or Boerkey Heavy Duty Load Skates to chose from, with capacities from 10 Ton to 400 Ton.

Moving heavy loads is easy and safe with ROLLER SKATE EXPRESS – one of the smallest transport devices with the highest carrying capacity available.

The idea was to place the rear transport roller automatically in front whilst using 3 rollers or bars to advance the load. This reduces the danger of accidents and ensures easier, continuous transportation. From this idea, Boerkey developed their industrial roller skates or industrial roller wheels for moving heavy loads.

The advantages of using Boerkey Load Roller Skates (Roller Skate Express) are self-evident:

  • Solid construction – guarantees long product life with minimum maintenance.
  • Low level construction of Roller Skate (between 7 and 20 cm) – reduces the danger of tilting and requires minimum raising of the load whilst placing the Transport Roller Skate underneath.
  • Little effort required to overcome rolling resistance within the chain assembly (approximately 3% of total load under ideal conditions and using a larger diameter of roller).
  • A variety of applications for very different conditions.
  • Several decades (about 50 years) of experience in numerous applications with heavy duty industrial roller wheels.
    • at sea, (on, under and in the sea, and offshore);
    • on land (bridge-building and relocation of bridges or bridge-parts, moving of complete spectators’ stand, of complete blast furnace, of big machinery, parts of nuclear reactors, as a machine-part in tube production machines, in tunnelling (Métro of Paris, Montblanc tunnel, channel Eurotunnel)
  • Versatile universal transportation device.
  • Very economic basic unit.
Boaerkey Load Skates, Roller Wheels & Lifting Systems

Boerkey Heavy Duty Roller Wheels & Roller Skates & Accessories

Increased demands and the requests for specialised transport roller skates for new applications, called for the development of a wide variety of different models of heavy duty roller wheels or roller skates:

For a list of Boerkey Projects since 1951, download the following: Boerkey Projects since 1951 Boerkey Projects since 1951 (365 KB)

You can also download the full Boerkey Product catalogue: Boerkey Catalogue - Moving Heavy Loads on Roller Skates Express and Heavy Duty Wheels Boerkey Catalogue – Moving Heavy Loads on Roller Skates Express and Heavy Duty Wheels (3544 KB)

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