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Boerkey Roller Skate Express The Solids Complete Transport Kit
Boerkey GmbH, D-58089 Hagen, has been a producer of the Roller Skates Express and Heavy Duty Wheels since 1951. The Solids Complete Roller Skates Kit is a kit with all the elements needed for lifting and transporting heavy loads. PJM Industrial are distributors of the Boerkey Roller Skates in Australia.

Range of application:

  • For short, variable transportation distances.
  • Movement of moderately heavy loads, e. g. machines, parts of machines and for installation works.
  • A speed of 5 m/min should not be exceeded.
  • It is possible to turn corners by placing turntables on top of the Roller Skates. Handles have to be attached but only guide the load while the Roller Skates are moving.
  • Minimum turning circle is 3 m.

Hints on Use:

  • All maximum carrying capacities are based for use on a steel surface, which withstands the pressure of the chain-roller. For safety, the carrying capacities in complete sets are calculated so that 2 Roller Skates could support the full load on uneven surfaces.
  • The track surface is important for the safetransportation of the load, not the carrying capacity of the Roller Skate. Tiles are unsuitable. Movement on tarmac andconcrete is restricted. In these cases it is recommended to put a steel plate of a minimum of 10 mm thickness underneath.
  • Possible problems can be avoided by choosing Roller Skate models with larger diameter rollers in the chain.
  • Visual control for the alignment and direction of the load is made easier by inserting the angle iron into the slots provided on the Roller Skate.
  • The difference in height of Skates with turntables is compensated by the use of packing plates.
Boerkey GmbH Roller Skates Kit Australia - The Solids Complete Transport Roller Skates Kit For Sale

Roller Skates Kit Delivery Content

The Roller Skates Kit comprises:-

  1. Roller Skates Mod. N (Quantity 4)
  2. Turntables (Quantity 2)
  3. Packing Plates (Quantity 2)
  4. Handles (Quantity 2)
  5. Link-Up Bars (Quantity 2)
  6. Metal Box (Quantity 1)

Roller Skate Express - The Solids (Model N) Complete Transport Kit

ModelRollers 0Length SupportWidth SupportTotal HeightSwivel-pl. 0Max. Load kNWeight of Set
For more information, select the following product pdf: Boerkey Roller Skate Express The Solids (Model N) Complete Transport Kit PDF Boerkey Roller Skate Express The Solids (Model N) Complete Transport Kit PDF (292 KB)

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