Grout Pumps For Sale Australia

Grout Pumps Australia
PJM Industrial have been supplying grout pumps or grouting pumps & colloidal grout pumps for many companies over the past years and offer grout pumps for sale to clients throughout Australia. Our range of grouting pumps, mixers & agitators include:- Simply scroll down this page to find more information regarding our PJM Industrial, HANY & Kenrich grouting pumps.

PJM Industrial Electric Grout Pumps

5 or 8 x 20 Kg Bag Horizontal Motor

  • Horizontal Motor Mount
  • Fitted with a 240 volt or 415 volt motor, 890 rpm
  • Maximum Generator Capacity: 8 Kva
  • Pump Output: 40 litres per minute
  • Pump Pressure: 160 psi
  • Diaphram Gate valves
  • Solid Rubber Wheels
  • Large deck to support 20 kilogram Bag
  • 8 Bag Unit (225 Litres) 95 x 110 x 75 cm

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For more information visit the following page: PJM Industrial Horizontal Motor Electric Grout Pumps.

PJM Industrial Horizontal Motor Grout Pumps

HANY AG Grouting Systems Colloidal Grout Pumps, Mixers & Agitators

PJM Industrial have recently become distributors of the HANY AG Grouting Systems products. These include colloidal Grout Pumps, Mixers & Agitators as below.

You can also view an online presentation showcasing the full range of Hany Mixing & Injection Technology by clicking on the image below.

Hany Ag Grouting Systems Colloidal Pumps

Häny grout injection pumps are available as single- or double-acting, vertical plunger pumps. Great importance is placed on simple maintenance, high resistance to wear and simple cleaning options for the ZMP pumps. For more information, simply click on the relevant link above.

Hany Ag Grouting Systems HCM High Shear Mixers

The eccentrically shaped bottom cone of the tank breaks the vortex created by the intensive circulation of the mix. This eliminates any difficult-to-clean baffles. A grease lubricated 3-way valve, specially designed for cement applications, allows either mixing (circulation) or transfer of the mix to a holding tank (agitator). The smaller units (up to HCM 600) can be equipped either with manual operation or automatic water meters for exact dosing.

For automated operation, the mixers can be equipped with load cells that will weigh all components directly in the mixer.

For more information, simply go to the Hany HCM High Shear Mixers page.

Hany AG Grouting Systems HRW Agitators

The Häny HRW agitators are used as holding tanks between a batch mixer and the grout pump. This guarantees continuous operation.

The agitators can be equipped with level probes to control automatic mixing cycles in response to consumption.

For more information, simply go to the Hany HRW Agitators page.

Kenrich Products Heavy Duty Grout Pumps

Kenrich Products from the USA have been supplying air and hand operated heavy duty grout pumps since 1986.

The Kenrich Heavy Duty Grout Pumps are:

  • Cementitious Grout Pumps – They pump non shrink sand based cementitious grouts.
  • Heavy Duty – Built for durability and long lasting performance.
  • Hand Operated or Air Operated – Perfect for every grouting application.
  • Low Pressure – 15 psi max. – Ideal anywhere high pressure is not required.
  • Lightweight and Portable – Take the pump to where you need the grout.
  • Easy to Operate – Minimal maintenance required.
  • Built in the USA.

PJM Industrial have recently been appointed as Australian & New Zealand distributors for Kenrich Products grout pumps.

For more information, go to the Kenrich Air and hand operated heavy duty grout pumps page.

Kenrich Products Heavy Duty Grout Pumps

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Remember, we are grout pump manufacturers & suppliers in Australia & New Zealand, so if you require more information regarding grout pumping equipment, cement grout pumps for sale or have any questions regarding our products, please feel free to call us on (+61 3) 9553 4882 or 0412 720 638, send us an email at or use our Contact Form to submit an inquiry.