PJM Industrial Hydraulic Stud Bolt Tensioners Suppliers Australia for Sale

PJM Industrial can supply various models of stud bolt tensioning equipment. See below for specifications and literature regarding our current models of hydraulic stud bolt tensioners.

Hydraulic Stud Bolt Tensioners Features

  • Range M16 – M100 (3/4″ – 4″)
  • Max. Working Pressure 1500 bar.

Hydraulic StudBolt Tensioners Applications

  • Suitable for tensioning of flanges of pressure vessels, boiler feed pumps, compressor covers, heat exchangers, pipe flanges and anchor bolts.
  • Used in steel, cement and power plants, petroleum extraction and process plants.
  • Particularly beneficial on applications requiring uniform joint loading.
PJM Industrial Hydraulic Stud Bolt Tensioners | Stud bolt Tensioner | Hydraulic stud bolt tensioning equipment

PBT 15 Series Hydraulic Stud Bolt Tensioner Specifications

P = PJM Industrial, B = Bolt, T = Tensioner

Model (metric)Bolt / Stud Size (metric)Bolt / Stud Size (inch)Model (imperial)Cylinder Cap. (ton)Stroke (mm)Effective area (cm2)ABCDEFGHJApprox. Weight (kg)
PBT 15-24-16M16--23.51015.76290168754928163032.52
PBT 15-24-18M183/4"PBT 15-24-07523.51015.76290168754928163032.52
PBT 15-24-20M20--23.51015.76290168755128163032.52
PBT 15-24-22M227/8"PBT 15-24-08723.51015.76290168755128163032.52
PBT 15-24-24M241"PBT 15-24-10023.51015.76290168756028163032.52
PBT 15-50-27M271 1/8"PBT 15-50-1125015336010618710260442236474
PBT 15-50-30M30--5015336010618710272442236474
PBT 15-50-33M331 1/4"PBT 15-50-1255015336010618710274442236474
PBT 15-50-36M361 3/8"PBT 15-50-1375015336010618710276442236474
PBT 15-90-39M391 1/2"PBT 15-90-150901559.76012020813388562849616
PBT 15-90-42M421 5/8"PBT 15-90-162901559.76012020813376562849616
PBT 15-90-45M451 3/4"PBT 15-90-175901559.76012020813394562849616
PBT 15-90-48M481 7/8"PBT 15-90-187901559.760120208133100562849616
PBT 15-90-52M522"PBT 15-90-200901559.76012020813376562849616
PBT 15-125-48M481 1/2"PBT 15-125-1871251583621352311631106834597310
PBT 15-125-52M522"PBT 15-125-200 1251583621352311631126834597310
PBT 15-125-56M562 1/4"PBT 15-125-225 1251583621352311631186834597310
PBT 15-125-60M60-- 1251583621352311631266834597310
PBT 15-125-64M642 1/2"PBT 15-125-250 1251583621352311631266834597310
PBT 15-185-64M642 1/2"PBT 15-185-250185151236215025419313680426686.515
PBT 15-185-68M68-- 185151236215025419312680426686.515
PBT 15-185-72M642 3/4"PBT 15-185-275 185151236215025419314680426686.515
PBT 15-185-76M763"PBT 15-185-300 185151236215025419315480426686.515
PBT 15-265-76M763"PBT 15-265-3002651517673180286233162104487711024.5
PBT 15-265-80M80-- 2651517673180286233162104487711024.5
PBT 15-265-85M853 1/4"PBT 15-265-325 2651517673180286233174104487711024.5
PBT 15-265-90M903 1/2"PBT 15-265-350 2651517673180286233185104487711024.5
PBT 15-265-95M953 3/4"PBT 15-265-375 2651517673180286233200104487711024.5
PBT 15-265-100M1004"PBT 15-265-400 2651517673180286233212104487711024.5

Higher capacity and customized solutions on request. Specifications are subject to change due to continual improvement.

For more information please select the following Product PDF: PJM Industrial Hydraulic Stud Bolt Tensioners PJM Industrial Hydraulic Stud Bolt Tensioners (1821 KB)

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