Bridge Constuction Hydraulic Jacking Equipment

PJM Industrial are bridge jacking, prestressing and tensioning equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

We can provide bridge lifting jacks & bridge jacking systems which can be used to lift beams to height then traverse and lower into position.

From the launching of bridges incorporating bridge jacks into Gantries and Trusses, we can also design the correct fast and efficient bridge jacking system to get the job done safely.

We have vast experience working on site with some of the largest companies in this field and providing bridge jacking systems for bridge construction all around the world (See the Customers page for a list of our customers & their locations).

More Information? Prices? Quotes?

If you require prices, a quote or have any questions regarding our Hydraulic Bridge Jacks or Hydraulic Bridge Jacking Systems capabilities, please feel free to call us on (+61 3) 9553 5944 or 0412 720 638, send us an email at or use our Contact Form to submit an inquiry.