Aerofilm Modular Air Caster System For Sale

Modular Air Caster Systems Overview

The purpose of this system is to use it for less frequent movement of objects and is ready to use straight out of the box. Just connect it to your facilities air supply and go! It takes up very little space when compared to alternative transport methods and can therefore be stored very easily. The modular system consists of air casters, mounted on support plates with an air inlet, air regulator unit in a control box, air hoses with couplings and an instruction manual. In order to guarantee maximum stability, at least three (but preferably four) air casters should be placed underneath the load. The air regulator ensures that the compressed air is correctly delivered to all the air casters to compensate for any uneven weights above and to move the load safely. For example: One single modular system with four air casters can transport an object weighing 12,000kgs. The system can be made with either A-Type or B-Type air casters in different sizes with matching air regulators that fit the total air consumption. Depending on the weight that needs to be moved, the size, number of air casters and regulator is selected. For objects weighing more than 4 tonnes we recommend using external drives to control them correctly and safely. (Please see the External Air Powered Drives page for more information).
Aerofilm Systems Modular Air Caster System

Modular Air Caster Properties

BUILD HEIGHTmin. 27 mm
AIR CASTER DIAMETERmin. 200 mm / max. 1.250 mm
LIFTmin. 5 mm / max. 70 mm
CAPACITYmin. 150 kg/ max. unlimited
AIR PRESSUREmin. 1 bar/ max. 4 bar

Air Casters Features

  • Lowest build height in the industry
  • The system can both lift and transport the object
  • Plug and play
  • No permanent installation needed in the building
  • Small footprint so easy to store after usage
  • No harmful exhaust gasses, just regular air
  • One single system can be used for different kinds of objects
  • In stock item
Aerofilm Systems Modular Air Caster Systems

Typical Applications

  • Position or move heavy machinery inside a factory
  • Transport between production stations
  • Place sensitive CT scanners into a facility
  • Move transformers in a dismantling facility
  • Move/position big containers
  • Position fragile (antique) objects or artwork
  • Move boats into a dry dock for maintenance
  • Position heavy staircases into a building
  • Position and move a big tunnel drills
  • Move and position equipment in data centres

Most Commonly Used Air Modular Caster Systems

Max. CapacityType AAir CastersType BAir Casters
1 TonTS-1-A25N4 x A25N
2 TonsTS-2-A30N4 x A30N
3 TonsTS-3-A30N6 x A30N
4 TonsTS-4-A30HD4 x A30HDTS-4-B30N4 x B30N
4 TonsTS-4-A40N4 x A40N
6 TonsTS-6-A30HD6 x A30HDTS-6-B30N6 x B30N
6 TonsTS-6-A40N6 x A40N
7 TonsTS-7-A50N4 x A50N
8 TonsTS-8-A40HD4 x A40HDTS-8-B40N4 x B40N
10 TonsTS-10-A50N6 x A50N
12 TonsTS-12-A40HD6 x A40HDTS-12-B40N6 x B40N
12 TonsTS-12-A50HD4 x A50HDTS-12-B50N4 x B50N
12 TonsTS-12-A70N4 x A70N
16 TonsTS-16-B40HD4 x B40HD
18 TonsTS-18-A50HD6 x A50HDTS-18-B50N6 x B50N
18 TonsTS-18-A70N6 x A70N
24 TonsTS-24-A70HD4 x A70HDTS-24-B40HD6 x B40HD
24 TonsTS-24-A90N4 x A90NTS-24-B50HD4 x B50HD
24 TonsTS-24-B70N4 x B70N
36 TonsTS-36-A70HD6 x A70HDTS-36-B50HD6 x B50HD
36 TonsTS-36-A90N6 x A90NTS-36-B70N6 x B70N
40 TonsTS-40-B90N4 x B90N
48 TonsTS-48-A90HD4 x A90HDTS-48-B70HD4 x B70HD
60 TonsTS-60-B90N6 x B90N
72 TonsTS-72-A90HD6 x A90HDTS-72-B70HD6 x B70HD
80 TonsTS-80-B90HD4 x B90HD
120 TonsTS-120-B90HD6 x B90HD
160 TonsTS-160-B125HD4 x B125HD
240 TonsTS-240-B125HD6 x B125HD


Aerofilm Systems Air Caster Transportation Systems Product Catalogue

You can download the complete Aerofilm Systems Air Caster Transportation Systems product Catalogue here: Aerofilm Systems Air Caster Transportation Systems Catalogue Aerofilm Systems Air Caster Transportation Systems Catalogue (2600 KB)

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