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PJM Industrial SK Series Load Skates Kits

SK Series Load Skates Kit

The SK Series Load Skates Kits includes: 4 x Roller Skates, 2 x Turntables, 2 x Packing Plates, 2 x Handles, 2 x Link Bars, Draw Bar and Metal Storage Box.


  • All maximum carrying capacities are based for use on a steel surface which withstands the pressure of the chain rollers. For safety, the carrying capacities in complete sets are calculated so that 2 skates could support the full load on an uneven surface.
  • The Track surface is important for the safe transportation of the load, not the carrying of the skates. Movement on tarmac and concrete is restricted. In these cases it is recommended to put a steel plate of a minimum of 10mm thickness underneath.
  • Due to the little effort required to overcome the rolling resistance (4-7% of the total load) precautionary meas-ures must be taken for use on inclined surfaces.

Load Skakes Kits: SK Series Specifications

Capacity (Tonne)203060
Support Length (mm)120120130
Support Width (mm)120120130
Total Height (mm)108117140
Roller Dia. (mm)182430
Swivel Top Dia. (mm)130130150
Weight of Set (kg)505892
For more information, select the following product pdf: PJM Industrial Complete Load Skate Kits SK Series 1 Product PDF PJM Industrial Complete Load Skate Kits SK Series 1 Product PDF (514 KB)

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