Reusable Prestressing Equipment Consumables For Sale

Reusable Prestressing Equipment Consumables

Reusable Jack Jaws, Barrels And Wedges for Sale

PJM Industrial can provide the following Re-Usable Prestressing Consumables:
  • Re-usable Barrels

    PJM-R5B (H47mm x OD 44.9mm) PJM-R6B (H57mm x OD 50mm)
  • Re-usable Wedges

    PJM-R5W/6 in 15.2 wedge form PJM-R6W/5 in 12.7 wedge form
  • Re-usable Jack Jaws

    PJM-0.5/JJ/25-30 12.7mm Jack Jaw PJM-0.6/JJ/25-30 15.2mm Jack Jaw
For more information select the following PDF: Reusable Prestressing Equipment Consumables Product PDF Reusable Prestressing Equipment Consumables Product PDF (305 KB)
Re-Usable Barrel, Wedges and Jack Jaws

More Information?

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