Double Speed Manual Hydraulic Foot Pumps For Sale Werner Weitner Model WW-WF

Hydraulic Foot Pumps

Double Speed Hydraulic Foot Pump Features

  • Maximum operation pressure 700 Bar
  • Double speed operation
  • Foot pump head and tank made of aluminium
  • Compact and lightweight ergonomic design
  • Internal pressure relief valve up to 700 bar max.
  • 0-1000 bar Ǿ63 gauge optionally available
  • Same structure as handpumps. It has large release valve foot pad for easy controlling and slowly metering loads down.

A Werner Weitner hydraulic foot pump has almost the same structure as the Werner Weitner hydraulic hand pumps.

The heads and tanks of the WF series hydraulic foot pumps are manufactured from high quality aluminium. The hydraulic footpump
pistons are made from quality steel and hardened twice. If required, a manometer could be mounted to the pump body.

For security, all foot pumps are equipped with a pressure relief valve to prevent overloading.

Load control can be performed by using the foot pedal.

The pressure values of these pumps can be adjusted externally between 50-700 bar.
All Werner Weitner hydraulic foot pumps can be used as double acting with the use of the WV-4/3 valve.

Werner Weitner Hydraulic Foot Pumps For Sale. Hydraulic foot pump models ww-wf-1 & ww-wf-2

Werner Weitner Double Speed Hydraulic Foot Pump Specifications

Double speed foot pumps
Reservoir Capacity
1.3 Litres
2.5 Litres
Usable Oil Capacity
0.9 Litres
1.8 Litres
Oil Displacement per Stroke (Low pressure)
17 cm3
17 cm3
Oil Displacement per Stroke (High pressure)
1.7 cm3
1.7 cm3
Max. Foot Effort at 700 bar
47 kg
47 kg
Piston Stroke
23 mm
23 mm
Pressure Rating (at 700 bar)
Connection Thread (NPT)
Weight incl. oil
8.1 kg
10 kg
Sizes (LxWxH)
462 x 160 x 161 mm
710 x 186 x 161 mm

Quick couplings are not included in the scope of delivery.

The pump is adjusted to 700 bar, filled with oil and ready to use.

Other pressure and tank sizes are available on request.

For more information please select the following Product PDF:

Werner Weitner Double Speed Foot Pumps Werner Weitner Double Speed Foot Pumps (106 KB)

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