Automatic and Stationary Strand Pushers For Sale: 3R RP6 EMA

RP6 EMA Automatic Stationary Strand Pusher

The fixed-frame EMA strand pushing machine model comprises a pushing unit, complete with its electric cabinet, hydraulic plant and so on, associated with ONE SINGLE guiding channel (with its own shear). After the coil, the wire is pushed through a guiding channel thanks to a patented driving unit with 6 driving motors. A hydraulic shear is positioned between the driving unit and the guiding channel. All functions are controlled by a PLC.

The working cycle is as follows :

  • set the number of wires requested
  • start
  • pushing – stop at the desired length – cut
  • opening I ejection of the wire – closing of the channel
  • new automatic cycle

The strand pusher machine works in “hidden-time” and does not require the assistance or the supervision of an operator. Our automatic pusher can be operated up to a length of 200 meters with an accuracy of +/- 2 cm.

Strand pushing speed: Our automatic strand pushers operate with 3 speeds : 60 – 120 or 200 meters/minute

For more information select the following PDF:
RP6 EMA Automatic and Stationary Strand Pusher or Strand Feeder Product PDF RP6 EMA Automatic and Stationary Strand Pusher or Strand Feeder Product PDF  (245 KB)

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