Orbit Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks For Sale

PJM Industrial are pleased to advise that we have recently been appointed the Australian / New Zealand and South Pacific Agent for Orbit Aluminium Jacks. Orbit Manufacturing has had 30 successful years of hydraulic industry experience in North America. In 1990 they began manufacturing Aluminium Jacks with a hard anodized coating. In doing so they have virtually eliminated the problems of corrosion with a further benefit being the reduced weight. Hydraulic Aluminium Jacks are up to 60% lighter than a comparative tonnage steel jack without compromising the jacks structural integrity. Their range is extensive: Single Acting Solid, Double Acting Solid, Double Acting Center Hole, Single Acting Center Hole and Lock Nut Cylinders ranging from 30 -150 ton capacities and 2”– 13” strokes. They are also open to manufacturing custom sizes for specific needs. For more information regarding a specific range of Orbit Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks, click on the links below. Orbit Manufacturing Inc. is committed to continuous product enhancement and development and reserves the right to make product design changes without prior notice.

Orbit Aluminium Hydraulic Jacks Warranty

All Orbit Hydraulic Aluminium Jacks cylinders are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, overloading or improper use. For warranty claims, please use our Contact Form to contact us.

More Information?

If you require more information or have any questions regarding Orbit Aluminium Jacks or Orbit Hydraulic Aluminium Jacking Equipment, please feel free to call us on (+61 3) 9553 4882 or 0412 720 638, send us an email at peter@pjmindustrial.com.au or use our Contact Form to submit an inquiry.