OX Worldwide - OX Trolleys, OX Cushions & OX Spreader Beams

OX Worldwide were established in 1992 and are a Spanish-based company specialising in lifting and maintenance of loads for working in the Industrial and Maritime Sectors.

OX Worldwide’s lifting products range from Self Propelled Trolleys with Loads capacities of 30T to 200T, Air Cushion Moving devices from 4T to 240T and also Spreader Beams – Magnetic, Vacuum and Rotating beams and so the list goes on.

PJM Industrial are privileged to be OX Worldwide’s Australian Agent. You can view their product ranges from the PDFs below which clearly illustrates the range & quality of these products.

OX Worldwide is also ISO 9001 approved.

OX Trolleys, OX Cushions & OX Spreader Beams

Please click on the link below for the product PDF for OX Transport Trolleys (self-propelled motorized trolleys), OX Worldwide Lift Cushions (air cushion systems) and OX Worldwide Adjustable Spreader Beams. OX Worldwide - Handling, Transport & Lifting Products Catalogue OX Worldwide – Handling, Transport & Lifting Products Catalogue (1583 KB)

Self Propelled Motorised Load Skates

OX Worldwide motorised trolleys or load skates have a 380v Power Trolley which can rotate 360 degrees, with load capacity range to choose from 30T through to 200T. The TMC and TBC also come with a 70mm or 100mm lift cylinder. All units in this motorised trolley range can also be suppied with a battery pack for full remote control. Battery life is 1 hour and there is a 6 hour charge time.

The motorized trolleys run on polyamide wheels, with a speed range of 3-5 mtrs/min.

OX Worldwide - Ox Motorised Trolleys Catalogue OX Worldwide – Ox Motorised Trolleys Catalogue (672 KB)

OX Adjustable Spreader Beams

With OX adjustable spreader beams you have a complete modular range, that allows to assembly on the spot using one or multiple spreader beams of 1 to 24 m. long and with 2 to 400 tons capacity. In addition to the standard series, we can manufacture & supply units with a capacity exceeding 400 tons.

OX Spreader Beams ENG Catalogue OX Worldwide Adjustable Spreader Beams ENG Catalogue (1742 KB)

OX Worldwide Trolleys Videos

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