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PJM Industrial is one of the leading hydraulic hand pump & foot pump suppliers in the Asia Pacific and can provide hydraulic jacking pumps from two major hydraulic pump manufacturers: Werner Weitner and PJM Industrial.

Details of the Werner Weitner Hydraulic Pumps and PJM Industrial Hydraulic Hand Pumps can be found below.

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Werner Weitner Hydraulic Pump Manufacturer

PJM Industrial are the the Australian / New Zealand and South Pacific Agent or supplier for the Werner Weitner range of
Hydraulic Jacks,
Hydraulic Pumps,
Torque Wrenches,
Hydraulic Workshop Presses and associated equipment.

Werner Weitner is not only a hydraulic jacking pump manufacturer, but has supplied high quality products in the German Engineering tradition since 1968. All stages related to products such as design, development, production is processed at the companies headquarters located in Eichstatt Germany.

Werner Weitner is a premium partner for corporate companies operating in the Contruction, Maintenance, Automotive, Aviation and Aerospace and also Petro-chemical Industries. For many years, Werner Weitner has recieved many awards for quality and reliability. (ISO9001:2008)

For more information regarding a specific range of Werner Weitner Hydraulic Pumps, click on the links below.

PJM Industrial Hydraulic Hand Pump Suppliers

PJM Industrial also manufacture and supply our own range of hydraulic hand pumps. Features of the PJM jacking pumps include:

  • Heavy duty construction with hardened ground and plated piston.
  • Replaceable cartridge valves.
  • Durable polyurethane plunger seal.
  • Collapsible handle – faster stroke at low pressure.

For more information regarding a specific range of PJM Industrial Hydraulic Hand Pumps, go to the PJM Industrial Hydraulic Hand Pumps page.

More Information?

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