Heavy Duty Air Operated Grout Pumps: Kenrich GP-3A

The Kenrich model GP-3A grout pump is an air-operated single diaphragm grout pump. It is designed to pump most types of water based grouts. It is not suitable for use with chemical based epoxy grouts. This pump works for grouting hollow metal door frames in frames as well as placing grout anywhere that high pressure is not required. A pneumatic cylinder is used to move the diaphragm up and down. When the cylinder retracts, the diaphragm draws the grout mixture through the open intake flapper valve into the pump. When the cylinder extends, the grout movement causes the intake flapper valve to close while opening to outlet flapper valve. This forces the grout mixture from the pump into the placement hose where it is directed to the work area.
  • Model: GP-3A Air Pump
  • Pump Type: Single Diaphragm, Self-Priming
  • Power Source: Compressed Air, 50 psi minimum
  • Air Consumption: No Less than 3 cfm
  • Pump Controls: Start/Stop switch, Speed Control, Air pressure regulator & Gauge
  • Output Capacity*: 5 gallons per minute
  • Output Pressure: 15 PSI Maximum
  • Hopper Capacity: .62 cubic foot (5 gallons)
  • Placement Hose Size: 1 ½ ” ID by 60″ long, Clear Vinyl
  • Discharge Head: 10 foot Vertical Lift
  • Dimensions: 23 ½ ” x 12 ” x 23″ high
  • Net Weight: 27 pounds
The Kenrich Heavy Duty Grout Pumps are:
  • Cementitious Grout Pumps – Pumps non shrink sand based cementitious grouts.
  • Heavy Duty – Built for durability and long lasting performance.
  • Hand Operated or Air Operated Perfect for every grouting application.
  • Low Pressure – 15 psi max.- Ideal anywhere high pressure is not required.
  • Lightweight and Portable- Take the pump to where you need the grout.
  • Easy to Operate- Minimal maintenance required.
  • Built with pride in the USA.
Kenrich GP-3A Air Operated Grout Pump
For more information select the following Owners Manual PDF:  Kenrich GP-3A Heavy Duty Air Operated Grout Pump Owners Manual Kenrich GP-3A Heavy Duty Air Operated Grout Pump Owners Manual (1287 KB)

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