The Loadmover from PowerAttack

PowerAttack Load Mover

Push & pull loads up to 30 tonnes without a forklift.

The Load Mover is an innovative idea to move loads on passive, unpowered skates/trolleys instead of a fork-lift truck.
The Load Mover - Pushing and Pulling loads up to 30 tonnes without a fork lift

The LoadMover uses the principles of applied mathematics for moving loads with lever and traction and a drive system, either cable or battery. The Powerattack load mover is easy to transport and is then ‘hooked-up’ to the steerable skate with a provided adaptor and then off you go!

You can easily move machines up to 30 tons, depending on the surface, the quality of skates etc.

PowerAttack Loadmover Models

Both models listed below come with a 2 wheel auxilliary trolley for easy transport to the site. Once your PowerAttack Load Mover is hooked-up to the skate and load, the ‘landing gear’ folds underneath the main tube while working and is held in place by a magnet.

LoadMover MTC 30 CC Cordless Compact

  • Powered by a 24 V 3-phase AC Motor with integrated brake with 1 KW generating 800 Nm to the drive-wheels and smooth variable speed control from 0-20 m/min and operation with forward-backward mode and integrated brake and emergency button
  • Compact length of 1650 mm/65 in., telescoping in 2 increments each 250 mm/10 in. to a total of 2150 mm/85 in.
  • Width 380 mm/15 in.
  • Weight including 1 battery (22.5 Ah) 75 kg/165 lbs.
  • 1 Charge unit and 2 BatteryPacks are standard delivery with each
  • 22,5 Ah power output – with latest Li-on Technology – no memory effect – no discharge when not in use.
  • Typical battery life when fully charged is 4 hours.
  • Battery charge time 5 hours.
PowerAttack Load Mover MTC 30 CC Cordless Compact

LoadMover MTC 25 C Compact 230V / 110V

  • Available either with 230 V or 110 V
  • The drive motor has 2 electronically controlled speeds from 0-5 m/min or 0-20 m/min in forward and backward mode.
  • Compact length of 1650 mm/65 in, telescoping in 2 increments each 250 mm/10in to a total of 2150 mm/85 in.
  • Width 380 mm/15 in.
  • Weight 60 kg/130 lbs.
PowerAttack Load Mover MTC 25 C Compact

More Information re PowerAttack LoadMovers?

Download the PowerAttack Load Movers brochure below. Includes images of various applications of the load movers. PowerAttack LoadMovers PowerAttack LoadMovers (1601 KB)

PowerAttack LoadMover Video

Below is a video showing just how safe and easy it is to move heavy loads using the LoadMovers from PowerAttack.

Australian & New Zealand Distributors

PJM Industrial are privileged to be the Australian & New Zealand distributors for the Loadmover from PowerAttack.

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