JACK STAND 50T | 50 Tonne | 50 Ton Air Hydraulic JackING Stands

50T Hydraulic Jack Stands
PJM Industrial can supply a portable 50T Hydraulic Jack Stand that comes with a Locking Collar.

50 Ton Hydraulic Jack Stand

50 Ton Hydraulic Jack Stand Specifications

The 50 Ton or 50 Tonne Jacking Stand model has the following specifications:

  • Capacity: 50 Ton @ 8000psi
  • Double Acting
  • Closed Height: 800mm
  • Hydraulic Lift: 500mm Extensions up to: 400mm
  • Threaded Rod which comes with a locking collar which will hold the load. As a result, there is no creep if the Power Pack is disconnected
  • Mounted on Castors in each corner
  • Manufactured to: ASME B30.1.2009 Standard
  • Made in Australia

For more information select the following PDF:
50T Hydraulic Jack Stand Product PDF 50T Hydraulic Jack Stand Product PDF (345 KB)

50 Ton Portable Hydraulic Jack Stand For Sale

Portable Hydraulic Jack Power Pack

We can also supply a HYDRAULIC POWER PACK: Portable, 415v, 2 speed. Up to 4 outlets. Comes with 4” Gauges and roll cage.

And, our jacks can be operated in any combination of up to 4 units from the one power pack if required.

More Information?

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